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Wheat Germ Oil


Wheat Germ Oil 

Oleum Triticum Sativum


Usage: Externally, it is applied to skin by making massage. Internally, it may be taken a teaspoon daily. 

Wheat Germ Oil is obtained by cold pressing of germination seedlings. It has a rich content including lecithin, various enzymes, linolenic acid and especially E vitamin. 

Scientists couldn’t discover curative affect of E vitamin on the skin up to 1980s. Today, however, it is the vitamin derivative sold most in the world.  E vitamin helps in renewing damaged skin and appearing young following diffusing to the skin. 

E vitamin is also a strong antioxidant. In this way, provides protection against harmful affect of free radicals. Wheat Germ oil diffuses to the skin very fast and helps to protect the skin from harmful affects of sun. It may be used in removing skin cracks occurred during pregnancy. 

Package  : 30 ml glass bottle with dropper
Carton     : 6 botttles

Product Code:   M02507

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