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AKS Thyme Water 1 lt


Aromatic Thymus Vulgaris Water 
 Glass Bottle

Natural Herbal Health Drink

Floral Thyme Water 


Thyme, volatile oil (0.5-3.5%), bitter substance and tannin. The volatile oil content comprises, Tymol (20-50%), Carvacrol, Borneol, Cymol, Linaloal, Pinene and Flavons. 

Advantages of Thyme Water?

1- Help to lose weight by accelerating burning of fats in the body,

2- In diabetic cases, helps in dropping down the level of blood sugar,

3- Accelerates blood circulation, eases spasm, and may also be used as urinative and intestine parasiticide.

4- Regulates the functions of digestion system, recovers intestine gases, and eases digestion.

5- It is an expectorant. Used in asthma, bronchitis and cold illnesses, as well as in the treatment of croup coughing.

6- It has characteristics as pain reliever and relaxer.

7- It can be used as gargle in tooth infections, mouth and throat wounds.

8- Drops down cholesterol. 

How to Use 

Drinking: Aksu Vital THYME WATER may be drunk easily by mixing it with honey, water or fruit juices. (When it is used in the treatment of diabetic illnesses, it should not be mixed with sweet drinks. 

Gargle: Gargle your mouth with THYME WATER, and then spit it. 

Usage Method: Aksu Vital THYME WATER is presented to you in concentrated form to be economical. You can increase the amount of the thyme water by thinning it with other liquids at the specified portion. For the thinning of thyme water, pour aromatic and concentrated thyme water, 1\4 of a glass, in a water glass and fill it with water. 

Daily Dosage: AKSU VITAL THYME WATER is drunk cold after meals, in fullness, after being thinned in one water glass of liquid. 


• Do not boil AKSU THYME WATER presented in a glass packing as it may lose volatile oil content.

• It is indicated by the experts that it has no side effects in case of utilisation according to the recommended dosage. On the other hand, Thyme water, is not recommended for those suffering from gastric and duodenal ulcer. 

Packaging & Shipping

Package   : 1000 ml glass bottle
Carton      :      12 bottles

Product Code:   M00047

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