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SFT Sweet Almond Cream 100 ml


Herbal Skin Care Creams 


Sweet Almond Oil Cream   

A sensitive touch to your skin… 

Almond which is a member of rosaceae family come into blossom of white-pink flowers during summer time. Includes A, C and E vitamins. 

Sweet Almond is used for dry and sensitive skins. Deeply feeds, moisturize and supports for skin elasticity of the skins which tends to dry and fissure. Sweet Almond may replenish the irritated skins. 

Application: Used for daily care of hands, face and body with confident.    

Day Care Skin Cream

Skin Shine Beauty Cream 
(Protective Moisturizer SPF 16) 
Natural Herbal Beauty Cream 

Our skin tries to protect itself by tanning against harmful sun beams which we call the ultraviolet lights, nevertheless, this effort is never entirely enough and on the long run our skin might seriously be damaged. 

Apart from causing spots and freckles on the skin, it leads deformation of the collagen tissue, thus premature formation of aging signs. 

While going outdoors during noon hours when the harmful beams of the sun are much more intense, using appropriate and effective protection has become necessary. 

Softem Protective Moisturizer with SPF 16 Day Care Cream is formulated for all skin types. It helps to protect the skin against the harmful sun beams and to prevent spot formulation on the skin. 

It might help to eliminate aging sings caused by the sun. At the same time, it ensures protection of the moisture balance of the skin, and nourishes the skin 

USE: It must be applied 15 – 20 minutes before sun exposure and has to be repeated every 3 – 4 hours.    

Blue Anemone Flower (Anemone coronaria) Face Cream

Natural Herbal Skin Care Cream

Stop aging … 

The mirror of beauty our skin gets wrinkles with influence of the years. Though aging is an irresistible reality, slowing down the effects aging formed on the skin and having a beautiful, smooth skin for longer years are possible. 

Blue Anemone Flower (Anemone coronaria) Cream may help decreasing the hairlines and deep wrinkles on the skin and softening it.

Deeply moisturizes the skin as well as removes the loss of elasticity of the skin and may provide tightening of the skin again. 

The skin spots which are the reflections of harmful effects of the sun, the unwanted traces of adolescence, traces of acne and pimples, spots aroused by aging, spots aroused by afterbirth are the most common skin problems. 

Blue Anemone Flower oil may help removal of spots and support protection of your skin. 

Application: Applied twice in a day on cleaned skin. 

Note: Please do not apply around eyes.  

Royal Jelly and Honey Cream 

Skin Care Cream  

Natural Herbal Cosmetics

For those who values their beauty… 

It is not anymore a secret that moist is one of the most important indicators of a healthy skin.  

In scientific researches the need of moist of the skin continuously emphasized and the method of avoiding beforetime aging is regular, proper skin care. 

Under the current conditions moisturizing and skin care are needs of everybody without differing ladies and gentlemen. 

The very exclusive royal jelly is a presentation of nature, a product of bees, is used for regeneration, feeding and moisturizing the skin.  

And honey, indispensible for the beauty formulas of women for centuries! 

Honey is a dense moisturizing which deeply moisturizes all skins.  It is helpful for smoothing, softening and feeding the skin.  

Your skin will smile with its velvety and shiny tissue while deeply moisturized by and fed royal jelly, honey, shea butter and emu oil. 

Application: SOFTEM Skin Care Cream with Royal Jelly and Honey can be used in daily care for hands, face and body in desired frequency with confidence.  

Apricot Kernel Oil Cream  

Best Face Cream forDry Skin 

Feel the Health and Beauty 

Our skin, our hair; both are most harmed by stress which densely stepped into our lives together with urban life, and they deserve a specific care. 

SOFTEM, the newest member of Aksu Vital family, near at hand of those who wants to feel the beauty of natural with its formulations integrating 20 years long standing past, its tradition and novelties. 

SOFTEM, which means soft medicine in Persian, presents various alternatives well matching of the needs of your skin with herbal essences in its composition. 

At the first stage, it brings together with you the royal jelly & honey balm, blue anemone, horse chestnut (aesculus hippocastanum), apricot kernel, and sweet almond creams. 

SOFTEM is at the service of pure beauty with 9 varieties of special soaps besides its creams. Two different methods are being used in production of soaps. 

The common characteristic of both methods is using natural essences. Besides this, in cold production method, heat treatment is not applied. 

Therefore, the vitamins in its content do not get harm. Furthermore, the soaps produced in this method are completely handmade.  

Apricot Kernel Cream 

Outstanding natural beauty… 

The most important parts of the fruits are kernels which essences encapsulated. 

Apricot kernel cream can be used for all skins but mainly dry and sensitive ones. 

While human aging, the signs of aging arouses on the face and around the eyes and wrinkles start to be formed.  

Apricot kernel cream deeply feed and moisturizes the skin and may support for removing the wrinkles around eyes and aging symptoms on the skin. 

Application: Can be used around eyes, face and body care daily.  

Grape Seed Extract Cream 

Natural Herbal Skin Care Cream 

The oil that is obtained from Vitis vinifera (grape) seeds by physical squeezing (cold press) method is highly rich in “Linoleic Acid” which is quite important in terms of skin and cell membranes. 

Grape seed contains the most powerful antioxidant known as proanthocyanidin. 

Antioxidant property of the grape seed is 20 times more superior to Vitamin C, and 50 times more superior to Vitamin E, which both are very well known antioxidant vitamins. 

As the antioxidants protect the body from free radicals, they might show an anti-aging property. 

Grape seed might help to strengthen the collagen which is the important main constituent of the connective tissue that could be called the roof of the underside of the skin, to speed up the healing of wounds, and to improve the skin's elasticity. 

It has moisturizing and nourishing properties which are essential in order to keep the skin youthful for a long time. 

Snail Cream 

Natural Skin Care Cream 

Healing of the hand wounds of the workers working at snail farms easily and without leaving any scars, and despite the physical work they do, softness of their skin has attracted the attention of the scientists. 

It has been witnessed that the snails were able to repair their own tissues and replace their broken shells in a short time. 

In the wake of researches made, it has been concluded that the change in the skins of the workers stem from the substance called allantoin which is naturally contained in the transparent secretion which the snails secrete. 

Allantoin moisturizes and nourishes the skin. It also supports the skin's repair. It can also help to soften the skin. 

Stimulates production of cells by helping the process of cell repair. Because of its protective effect on the skin, it is also used in creams. 

Allantoin is known to have regenerating effect on the cells, and stimulating effect of the epithelium and it is also known as a chemical cleaner. 

It is expressed that it cleans up the dead tissues and accelerate the development of new tissues. 

Marigold Calendula Cream 

Herbal Skin Care Cream  

When we look into use of calendula among public, we see that skin problems take place on the top. 

Especially when used for refractory injuries, burns and bedsores that show doggedness against healing, it might help to shorten the time of recovery.  

The pot marigold also known as Calendula officinalis is a type of plant which has been used against skin problems in folk medicine in the past. 

Essential oil of Calendula officinalis which is extracted by means of distillation method is also used in creams. 

Since it is a good moisturizer, as it might be preferred for eczema and nipple chaps, it might also be applied on itchy skins. 

It has a balancing and refreshing property on sensitive skin. It might help to repair irritated skin and protect the skin against sun beams.  

What Are the Benefits of Calendula Cream?

Calendula cream is made from the petal-like florets of calendula flowers. 

Calendula cream is made from the petal-like florets of the calendula flowers. The florets are used fresh or dried and powdered. According to the U. S. National Library of Medicine, topical calendula creams and ointments contain 2 to 5 percent calendula. Tinctures may also be used topically, or tea may be used in compresses, but prepared calendula cream has a longer shelf life and provides a ready to use, standardized dose whenever needed. Calendula is listed on the USDA Generally Recognized as Safe botanicals.  

Lemon Kernel Oil Cream 

Herbal Face Cream

Anti Pimples,  Acne Treatment  

Although it is intense with the juveniles, the acne problem which is the consequence of the oily substance produced by the skin called sebum to cause blocking and infection of the skin pores might be seen until thirty years of age. 

By secreting lipase enzymes, with the active substance called “Sophoiance S” which is contained in the lemon seed cream, it reduces transformation of the triglycerides in the skin and scalp into free fatty acids by the microorganisms which are parts of the skin flora, in other words, it leads to lessening of the sebum. 

This active substance which is respectful to natural skin flora presents an antibacterial characteristic. It protects the skin from adverse effects of the bacteria. 

Lemon seed oil is obtained by distillation method, and because of its pleasant and refreshing aroma, it is widely used in perfumery and cosmetic industries. 

Furthermore, it is commonly used in aromatherapy and preferred for oily skin care, as well as in getting rid of pimples. 

Softem Cream with lemon seed oil might be useful for ensuring the oil balancing of the skin which is prone to pimples, and eliminating the pimples caused by microorganisms, and preventing them from reappearing. 

Use: Applied on cleansed skin twice a day.   


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