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What is Beetroot Extract?

Beetroot Extract is a 10:1 strength extract powder from the superfood beetroot. This dark red vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals including potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B6, C and folic acid. It is a high quality gluten free carbohydrate source and is also a source of protein, fibre and the antioxidant betacyanin which is responsible for it’s bright red colour.

How does Beetroot Extract benefit performance?

As well as being an excellent source of carbohydrate for energy and vitamins, minerals and protein to support health and wellbeing, Beetroot Extract is concentrated to be high in nitrates which can support sports performance. Nitrates from beetroot help to increase Nitric Oxide (NO) levels in the blood which help to regulate blood flow and improve oxygen delivery during exercise. Beetroot juice has been shown in studies to improve energy efficiency and is therefore particularly beneficial for endurance athletes and can also have benefits for strength athletes, including increased muscular pump.

How good is Beetroot Extract at increasing NO levels?

Beetroot Extract has been shown to be more effective than arginine and citrulline malate at increasing NO levels.

Does Beetroot Extract have other uses?

Yes Beetroot Extract is ideal for adding to protein shakes and smoothies as a healthy vitamin and mineral packed carbohydrate source. It is also great for baking and is used as a carbohydrate source in many gluten free recipes, or to add it’s distinctive red colour to foods.

How much nitrate is in Beetroot Extract?

Our Beetroot Extract is standardised to 10:1 to ensure it delivers a high nitrate content. Each 10g serving provides 80mg of nitrates.

How should I use Beetroot Extract?

To boost NO levels one serving of Beetroot Extract should be taken approximately 60 minutes before training. As a healthy carbohydrate source consume up to 50g in a shake or smoothie.

Package: 100 ml glass bottle x 12 units

Product Code:   M02201

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