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SHF Rosemary Tea


Rosemary Tea 20 Tebags 
Natural Herbal Health Teabags 

Rosemary  Herbal Tea 

Rosmarinus which is derived from Latin words of “ros” and “marinus” means sea dew. 

In its content are mainly cineol, camphor, and pinene, and essential oils, flovanes, and diterpenoids. 

According to a study conducted in Japan, diterpenoid neutralizes free radicals entering thus damaging the body. 

Rosemary could increase bile, it could help preventing cramps. Internally it is used for circulatory disorders, and digestive problems. 

It also contributes to partial loss weight. 

Package : 20 tea bags 

Carton    : 12 packs (each pack having 20 teabags

Product Code:   M00470

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