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AVI Provitec Herbal Vitamin Syrup


Provitec Syrup
All Seasons Natural Protection

In 15 ml: Honey: 11400 mg, Grenadine concentrate: 750 mg, Propolis extract: 300 mg,
Mulberry molasses: 300 mg, Echinacea over ground extract: 150 mg (Echinacea sp.),
Grape seed extract: 1.5 mg (Vitis vinifera), Royal jelly: 120 mg, Vitamin C:30mg (L-Ascorbic
acid),Zinc: 7.5 mg (Zinc sulfate heptahydrade), Black carrot concentrate: 1.5 mg.

Suggested use: It is recommended to take thrice a day with one (1) measuring cup at a time
thrice provided with the product. Shake well before use.

• Echinacea, propolis, vitamin C, and zinc might be used to boost the immune system,
• It might be used as a prophylactic for infections,
• It might be used in order to help increasing one’s appetite.

Plant extracts, bee products, zinc and vitamin C contained in its content might help to boost
the immune system.

Product Code:   M00174

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