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SHF ProSav Foot Spray 50 ml


FOOT SPRAY - Anti-bacterial protection for your feet 


Fungus is an infection caused by fungicides and muffs at the twisted body parts such as between the foot fingers, armpits and groins as well as at the back, chest and on the foot nails etc. They appear with bad smell, acute itching and irritations on the skin. 

They easily increase and spread at the wet environments. Therefore, very easily smear and to cure and getting rid of the fungicides may take long time.  

Tea tree oil is not same with the known tea. In general, the oil of the tree grown in Australia is used. Tea tree oil which the usage increases during recent years is effective on fungus, inflammation and purulence. 

Since the propolis in its content, cannot affect the useful bacteria negatively, it is an organic sticky substance with providing wide spectrum antibiotic effects as well as very strong antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal effects. 

Additionally, may helpful for replenishment of tissues. 

Foot spray has an antibacterial effect with the active materials in its content. Cleans the skin in-depth, thus removes the bad smell caused by microorganisms. 

Usage: Regularly applied to the skin externally 

Package : 50 ml x 6 Spray Bottles

Product Code:   M00275

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