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AVI Propolis 60 Capsule


Avicenna  Propolis  Capsule 

Fight with Diseases 





4 VegetableCapsules




1120 mg

PropolisExtract (equivalentto 1120 mg propolis)

280 mg


2 times daily 2 capsules each time for adults after meals. 


Propolis is a bee product. It is organic and sticky. Worker bees collect it from the buds and shoots of plants. This material undergoes biochemical changes by the enzymes of bees. 


Bees trick this propolis with wax in their hives to sterilize their larva slots 


Propolis , due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effect, is good for throat in fection and oral thrush.
It is an important help in recurrent respiratory infections . 


Supports the immune system. It is aneffective bee product for protective medicine especially in season passes.


•Warning: It may be risky for people who are sensitive to bee products. 
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Package : 60 Vegetable Capsules in Glass Bottle
Carton : 6 Glass Bottles

Product Code:   M00138

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