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SHF Mint & Lemon Mixed Herbal Tea


Peppermint and Lemon Grass Tea 
20 Teabags 
Natural Herbal Health Teabags 


Mint is good for heartburns and bad breath. Mint might be preferred to pull the common cold through more easily; and it also contributes to treatments of allergic asthma, and cough. 

Lemon balm is 3.5 meters tall, and it is lemon-scented leaves and its blossoms purple flowers in summer months. It contains substances such as organic acids, cineol, limonene, terpenes, geraniol, and borneol.  

This is one of the most preferred teas against colds during the winter months. You can protect yourself with a specially blended mint and lemon balm tea. In the same cup, you could savor refreshing varieties of mint and lemon balm with its unique scent.  

Package: 20 teabags

Carton : 12 packs (each pack having 20 teabags) 

Product Code:   M00467

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