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SHF Peach Falovour Omega-3 Syrup 100 ml


Natural Omega 3 Fish Oil Syrup

For Kids 
Peach Flavored


Content: Honey, deionized water, fish oil, orange concentrate, lemon concentrate, L-arginine, vitamin C, vitamin A, zinc sulfate, potassium sorbate (E202), vitamin B6, vitamin B1, vitamin D, vitamin E, natural-identical peach flavor, orange flavor, natural-identical, BHT (E 321), Selenium 

L-arginine: is one of the amino acids constituting protein. Replicates the activity of the thymus gland. It also can affect muscle growth. 

Omega-3 fish oil is found in the structure. Alpha-linolenic acid can not be produced by the body. Therefore, the body has to be fed through. 

Recommended Usage and Dosage: 1 time per day may be recommended to take 1-2 scale. 

Please shaken vigorously by inverting the bottle before use. 

Consumed as food supplements. 

No fish taste and smell 

Storage Conditions: Store out of the reach and vision of children and keep in the original packaging. Protect from light and moisture and heat. Store at room temperature below 25 C. Once opened, keep refrigerate. 

If a problem occurs in the viscosity, may be used at room temperature or with gentle warming in warm water.  

Packaging & Shipping

Packing : 100 ml glass bottle
Carton   : 12 bottles 


Product Code:   M00345

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