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AVI Omecap EPA/DHA Fish Oil Softgel


Supplement For Cardiovascular Health And Overall Health

2 soft gels contain: Fish Oil 2000 mg, Omega 3 unsaturated fatty acids
700, EPA 360 mg, DHA 240 mg, Other fatty acids 100 mg

Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take two (2) soft gels once
a day, preferably with meals.

• It helps in the prevention of cardiovascular health.
• Its use during the pregnancy period supports the baby’s brain and retina development, reduces the threat of premature birth, and it also supports the baby’s development, and prevents the mother from postnatal depression.
•It helps in maintaining eye health,
•As a supplement for bone strengthening against calcium accumulation, and in decreasing joint sensitivity, and morning stiffness.
•It is a supporting agent in the treatment of depression, in reducing the risk of dementia, and eliminating concentration problems.
Omega-3 is a general health supplement that can not be synthesized by the body but is necessary for everyone to maintain their body functions in a healthy way.

Product Code:   M01649

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