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Nettle Seed Oil


Nettle Seed Oil



Usage: Externally, it is applied to the skin by making massage. Internally, it may be taken 1-2 teaspoon daily. Nettle Seed Oil is obtained by cold pressing of nettle seeds. 

It includes protein at the rate of 30 %, palmitic acid at varying rates, stearic saturated fatty acids, oleic acids (omega 3), linoleic acid (omega 6), linolenic acid (omega 9) unsaturated fatty acids and oligo-sugars, minerals and vitamins. 

In general, it helps in protecting tissular durability, delaying aging and accelerating new tissue formations. 

Oligo sugars in it including neutral polysaccharides virus and pathologic seed repress some enzymes playing role in transition of tissue from a cell to the other and helps in slowing spread of pathologic amyles. 

In addition, it assists in strengthening immune system, providing resistance against infections, recovering inflammation (especially prostate). It provides acceleration in blood formation thanks to its folic acid and vitamin-rich content. 

It may help in recovering estrogen shortage due to lignans contained in it. Nettle herb which is consumed much in Europe is sold as youth elixir by named as ‘jugendöl’ 

Package    : 30 ml glass bottle with dropper

Carton       : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M02509

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