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Natural Rose Water


Aromatic Rose Water 
500 ml Glass Bottle 
Drinkable Pure Natural Rose Water 

AksuVital Rose Water is naturally obtained by Steam Distillation Method under hygienic and healthy conditions from Turkish Roses petals and carefully bottled. 

Suggested Use: 

For Adults, put ½ of tea glass with Rose Water, then fill it up with Water or fruit juice. It is receommended to drink 3 times Daily before or after meals. 

Warning: Store in a cool and dry place at room temperature. Keep away from light.  

Rose Water Spray 250 ml 
Natural Herbal Rose Water 
 Spray Bottle

Ingredients: Natural Rose Water distilled from Rose Petals 

Usage: Aksuvital Natural Rose Water is applied to cleansed skin with cotton ball and tissue for a smooth skin care. 

Rose Water is also added to bathing water and applied on skin for moisturizing and providing a fresh, soft appearance and pleasant fragrance after the bath. 

Rose Water: 

Natural Rose Water widely known as one of the oldest and the best traditional facial cleansers and has multiple skin care uses. 

Aksuvital Natural Rose water is obtained by steam distillation method from the Rose petals under hygienic conditions. 

It is completely natural and free from alcohol and additives and artificial colors. 

It is a natural tonic that hydrates skin and helps restore its natural moisture balance. 

Its firming effect helps to keep skin pores open and tightening skin tissues. 

Besides, it is also used as a tonic cleanser in all skin cares and make up cleanings. 


Please store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep out of reach of children. 

Package : 500 ml glass bottle

Package : 250 ml glass spray bottle

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