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AVI Miforex Capsule for Migraine


Supplement Against Migraine Headaches

1 herbal capsule contains: Standardized over ground feverfew extract: 233 mg – equivalent to 1631 mg over ground feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium ), Valerian root: 52 mg (Valeriana officinalis), Willow bark extract: Equivalent to 45 mg – 450 mg willow bark (Salix alba), Melissa leaf: 43 mg (Melissa officinalis), Hop flower: 43 mg (Humulus lupulus), Fennel fruit: 30 mg (Foeniculum vulgare), Common St. John’s Wort over ground: 30 mg (Hypericum perforatum), German chamomile: 30 mg (Matricaria recutita), Lime flower: 22 mg (Tilia sp.), Lavender flower: 22 mg (Lavandula angustifolia miller).

Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take one (1) capsule on a daily basis.

• Due to parthenolide in its structure, feverfew might help suppressing some chemicals such as serotonin in the first place, and inflammatory agents such as prostaglandin hormone to be released into the body during a migraine attack.
• The willow bark is rich in salicin which is a glycoside. Salicylic acid which is a derivative of salicin is used as a pain reliever.
• It helps to become tranquilized with the plants it contains.
The herbs which Miforex contains support the headaches caused by migraine attacks.

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