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SHF Melissa Herbal Tea


Melissa Tea (Lemon Balm Tea)
20 Teabags 
Natural Herbal Health Teabags

Melissa (Balm) Tea 

As its flowers attract bees, it is named “Melissa” which means honeybee in Greek. It is also known by the name balm. 

Melissa belongs to Mint family. In general, it is known by its calming effect on the nerves and stress. 

It could especially be preferred to reduce the stress and anxiety, to regulate the sleep patterns and as an appetizer. 

With its lemon-like fragrance, and savored by people for hundreds of years, Melissa tea  could help to get away from woes caused by daily stress and to relax a little bit. 

Note: Those with hypotension should carefully consume Melissa tea. 

Package : 20 teabags
Carton    : 12 packs (20 teabags in each pack)

Product Code:   M00464

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