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AVI MDA Milk Thistle Liver Capsules       


(Milk Thistle-Dandelion-Artichoke)
Triple Supplement For Your Liver

3 herbal capsules contain: Common dandelion over ground: 600 mg (Taraxacum officinale),
Milk thistle seed: 375 mg (Silybum marianum), Artichoke leaf: 375 mg (Cynara scolymus),
Milk thistle seed extract: 75 mg – equivalent to 1875 mg (Silybum marianum), Artichoke leaf
extract: 75 mg – equal to 1500 mg artichoke leaf (Cynara scolymus)

Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take one (1) tablet at a time thrice a day with meals.

• By means of cynarine it contains, artichoke helps the liver to detox; to release nicotine, alcohol and fats accumulated in the liver, thus the liver to regenerate itself.
• Common dandelion supports to regulate the liver functions by flavones and triterpenes it
• Milk thistle helps to protect the liver thanks to silymarin it contains against liver issues arising from alcohol and drug utilization.
It is a formulation that supports the liver by the herbs and herb extracts it contains.

Product Code:   M00159

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