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AVI Liquid Propolis


Fight Against Diseases with Natural Antibiotic Support

Propolis is an organic and sticky bee product which worker bees gather from plant
sprouts and buds, and forming by causing a biochemical change with enzymes.

• Bees mix propolis with beeswax in their beehives and use it to sterilize the newly
built wax cells of the larvae.
• Due to its antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effect, propolis might have an antiinflammatory effect on throat infections, and canker sores.
• It is an important supportive in the event of recurrent respiratory tract infections.
• It is a bee product that supports the immune system, especially acting as a defensive
player against seasonal changes.

Ingredients (Capsule) : Propolis , Propolis extract.
Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take two (2) capsules at the same time
twice daily after meals.

50 ml Liquid Propolis Drops
1 ml (24 drops) contain: Propolis extract – equivalent to 400 mg propolis

Suggested use: Recommended to take 8 drops 3 times daily for 4-8 ages ; 12 drops 3
times daily for 8-12 ages and 16 drops 3 times daily for upper ages.

Warning: It might have an allergetic effect on people who are sensitive to bee products.

Product Code:   M02011

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