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Lime (Linden) Tea 
Lime Blossom

Natural Herbal Health Teabag

Lime Herbal Tea 

Linden is a tree from linden family, and its height might reach up to 20 - 30 meters.  Its flowers are yellowish in color and it has a unique scent. 

Especially on cold winter days, warming to the marrow by a cup of hot linden cannot be measured with anything. Linden could display expectorant, and chest calming properties because of the saponin it contains. 

Linden is an indispensable part of our tradition from flu and common colds to stress, is also a considerable friend for a healthy life.

Package : 20 teabags
Carton    : 12 packs (20 teabags in each pack)

Product Code:   M00461

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