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SHF Ginseng Capsule


Korean Red  Ginseng Root

Tablet & Capsule & Extract
Nutritional Food Supplement 
Maximum Strength Supplement


It is known for a long time that Ginseng helps in increasing the efficiency of men, testosterone and sperm quantity and sexual power. 

It is reported to have a positive effect on circulation system, regulates blood pressure, stabilizes high blood pressure, and strengthens the mental activity by increasing the blood flow to the brain. 

In addition, Ginseng has a positive effect on concentration and memory problems by influencing the central nervous system positively. 

Ginseng helps the body to gain resistance against stress and increases mental endurance. 

Suggested Use: For adults, recommended to take 3 times daily by 1 tablet each time before or after meals. 

CAUTION: It is not recommended for people who are using blood-thinning medicines, anti-depressants, heart medicines and insulin. 

Package    : 500 mg x 120 tablet= 60ge TABLET
Carton       : 6 bottles

Package    : 850 mg x 60 capsules =51 g e CAPSULE
Carton       : 6 bottles

Package    : 100 ml glass bottle x 6  LIQUID EXTRACT  

Carton       : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M00071

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