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AKS Ground Carob Powder 200 gr


Ground Carob Powder 
Health Food Product 

Carob (Ceratonia siliqua) belongs to leguminosae family; and it is a long lasting tree around 10 meters high, type of scrub, which the berries are edible and that naturally grows/grown in places where Mediterranean climate prevails and especially in the southern parts of Turkey. 

Carob fruit is caffeine and cholesterol free. It contains approximately three times more calcium (Ca) compared to milk. 

It also embodies Vitamins A, B and E, as well as phosphorus (P) and high rate of Zinc. About 3 times more calcium than milk (Ca) contains. 

Among people, its benefits against complaints of asthma, labored breathing, and cough/flu are well known. 

Due to iron mineral in its content, it has a blood producing feature and highly helps with anemia. 

Due to the high amount of calcium minerals, it is very effective in bone development. 

It invigorates the body, and its aphrodisiac property might increase sexual stamina. 

Especially during the winter months, it might help to increase the body resistance against diseases and to strengthen the immune system. 

It has a diuretic effect, and it might be helpful to drive out the radiation penetrating the body through foodstuff. 

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Package : 200 gr can (tinned)
Carton    : 12 cans

Product Code:   M01574

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