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AKS Ground Black Seed 200 gr


Ground Black Seed 
Health Food 
Habbatus Sauda 
Nigella Sativa  


Contains black seed, Omega-3 fatty acids, nigellone, vitamins provitamin A, biotin, folacid, B1, B2, B6 and C, and magnesium, selenium, zinc minerals. 

It might be used by cancer patients even during the chemotherapy stage as an immune system booster. 

Because of its appetizing effect, it might be useful for anorexia arising from either chemotherapy or other reasons. 

Thanks to its antibacterial effect, it might boost the immune system increasing the leucocytes in the event of infections. 

It might be used against neurodermatitis, hay fever, allergic asthma, respiratory disorder, cough, premenstrual syndromes. 

It is an analeptic for stomach, gastro-protective, blood cleanser, and diabetes reducer. 

Furthermore, it might be of help for digestive disorders, and boosting of the immune system.  

Packaging & Shipping

Package : 200 gr can (tinned)
Carton    : 12 cans

Product Code:   M00039

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