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AKS Grape Vinegar 500 ml


Natural Grape Vinegar 

Vinegar is a sour fruit juice used in meals, and salads as a flavoring, or used as a preservative such as pickle. For vinegars, usually grape or apple which are intensely acidic fruits. It has been used as a medicine, and it has been recognized as thirst quencher in ancient periods. 

If desired, the vinegar becomes clear by means of filtration and evaporation. However, during many of these processes, vitamins, minerals and trace elements disappear; many biological materials at high temperatures do vanish. For this reason, always prefer apple cider vinegar that is blurry in natural condition. Aksuvital vinegars are blurred vinegars preserved in the raw. 

Aksuvital Vinegar of Grapes is obtained through natural fermentation of selected grapes. No filtering has been implemented in order to make it more natural and healthier. Deposit formed in the vinegar of grapes is the natural residue of the fruit itself.  

Vinegar of grapes reduces the level of insulin, so it might ensure the feeling of satiety last longer. If water with vinegar of grape is mixed with honey and drunk on a daily basis, it could help weight loss. Furthermore, its effect of relieving fatigue and weakness is also emphasized. 

The vinegar of grapes that is abundantly used in salad is a vegetal liquid used in the kitchen, as well as for health and weight loss. Vinegar of grapes accelerates the metabolism by the enzymes it contains such as pepsin which improves digestion, and it also facilitates digestion. 

Note: Those who have gastric complaints such as gastritis, ulcers are not recommended to use vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Composition: calcium, fluoride, potassium, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, silicon, vitamin A, beta-carotene, vitamins B1, B2, and B6, vitamin C, acetic acids, fruit acids, pectin, and natural flavorings.

Apple cider vinegar has more benefits than other vinegars. Pectin contained in the apple lowers the blood cholesterol and reduces the calcification in the blood vessels. 

It could help to lower the triglycerides. Thanks to potassium which the vinegar contains, all muscle structure, including the heart strengthens. It is digestive. It could also provide help for weight loss. 

Apple cider vinegar contains more minerals and vitamins compared to regular vinegar. Thanks to the minerals it contains, apple cider vinegar protects the body's balance. 

High amount of calcium in the apple vinegar provides endurance for osteoporosis that might develop at older ages. It is the bicarbonate ions in the content of the apple that facilitate digestion. 

Product Name Gr Units in Carton
Apple Cider Vinegar  500 12
Grape Vinegar  500 12
Hawthorne Vinegar 500 12
Artichoke Vinegar 500 12

Package : 500 ml glass bottle

Carton    : 12 glass bottles

Product Code:   T00054

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