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SHF Glycerine 50 ml


Natural Glycerine 


Good for externally made massage in skin and hair care. Helps nourish the skin and hair.   

19 Glycerin Uses For Skin And How To Use It? 

It can be used as a cleanser. 

It can be used as a toner. 

It is a wonderful skin moisturizer. 

Diluted version makes the hands smooth. 

It helps retain the skin water. 

It plays an important role in cell maturation. 

It cures oily skin problems like pimples, acne and blackhead. 

It’s non-toxic nature allows it to be used on baby and sensitive skin. 

Glycerin is non-toxic in nature, no wonder it finds way to so many uses. 

It helps to retain the water in skin. 

Wash your feet well and apply glycerine on your cracked heels. It works like magic in healing your cracked heels overnight. 

It acts as a sunscreen to some extent. 

It removes clogged impurities and helps in lightening skin shade. 

Glycerin also gives the skin a soft and supple feel. 

Apply a coat of glycerine on your nails after removing nail paint. It prevents them from looking dried up. 

Apply raw glycerine directly on scars that are especially caused burns, acne or wounds to get rid of them. 

People with dry skin can apply raw or diluted glycerine on skin. It is way better than those costly creams and parlour treatments. 

It can be used for skin lightening. 

It fill up the gaps due to the wrinkles thus makes the skin look younger.   

Package   : 50 ml glass bottle

Carton      : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M02574

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