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SHF Ginger Mixed Herbal Tea


Ginger Tea 
40 Instant Premium Teabags 
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Ginger - Mixed Herbal Tea


Ingredients: Eucalyptus leaves, plantain, ginger, licorice, sage, eastern hollyhock, anise, cydonia vulgaris, hibiscus, cinnamon, propolis extract, menthol. 

Ginger which is the reference plant of family zingiberaceae is cultivated in some tropical regions today. It has a specific smell that is similar to the scent of cinnamon. 

Ginger is rich in starch due to volatile oils it embodies zingiberene, zingiberol, phellandron, borneol, cineole citral, and rich in resin due to herb liquid.   

Ginger tea could be used in conditions of the upper respiratory tract such as bronchitis, respiratory disorder, cough, and cough due to irritation, asthma, indigestion, and hoarseness as an aid. 

Package   : 1.5 gr x 40 teabags

Carton      : 6 packs (with 40 individual tea bags in each pack)

Product Code:   M00454

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