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AVI Form 60 Capsules Lose Weight    


Avicenna Form Capsule
A Natural Formula for Ideal Weight

4 herbal capsules contain: Folium sennae: 888 mg (Cassia acutifolia), Cherry stalk: 280 mg (Prunes valium), Common fumitory over ground: 200 mg (Fujairah officinalis), Fennel fruit: 148 mg (Foeniculum vulgare), Rosemary leaf: 136 mg (Rosmarinus officinalis), Common heather leaf: 100 mg (Calluna vulgaris), Green tea leaf: 100 mg (Camellia sinensis), Common myrtle leaf: 88 mg (Myrtus communis), Stinging nettle leaf: 88 mg (Urtica sp.), L-Carnitine: 80 mg, German
chamomile over ground: 44 mg (Matricaria recutita), Mate leaf: 36 mg (Ilex paraguariensis), Scale fern flower: 12 mg (Helichrysum sp.)

Suggested use: Adults are recommended to take two (2) capsules at a time twice a day, preferably before mealtime.

• Fibrous structure of the herbs in its content helps to provide feeling of fullness,
• It helps to regulate the digestive system and bowels,
• With L-Carnitine, it helps to burn the accumulated fat in the body.
Herbs and L-Carnitine in its content helps to reach and maintain the ideal weight.

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