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SHF Flax Seed Oil 50 ml


Flax Seed Essential Oil

Linseed Oil

50 ml Dropper Bottle / 250 ml Glass Bottle

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Oleum Linum Usitatissimum

Natural Herbal Oil



Externally, it is applied to the skin by making massage or adding to bath water. 

Internally, it can be used  by dripping 4-5 drops in a glass of water (150-200 ml), 1-3 times daily. 

Flax Seed Oil (Linseed oil) includes multiple unsaturated fatty acids at high rate, saturated fatty acids at low rate, plenty of potassium and a little magnesium, iron, copper, zinc and various vitamins. 

It is a nutrition which is rich with Omega fatty acids, in particular Omega-3. 

It has a positive affect in heart diseases thanks to omega-3 fatty acid contained at the rate of 50 %. 

Consumption of Omega-3 decreases death risk in coroner heart diseases. 

It may help in preventing coagulations in blood vessels causing heart attack or thrombose. 

It was set forth in the studies carried out that omega fatty acids assist to decrease bad cholesterol and triglyceride amount. 

It shows a strong antioxidative effect thanks to E vitamin contained in it, also it decreases aging affects on the skin, shows positive affect on acne. 

Linseed oil which is a natural laxative shows this feature without irritating intestine and gastric mucosa. 

Package   : 50 ml glass bottle x 6 unit 

                    250 ml glass bottle x 12 units

Bulk Sales: Drums

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