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SHF Fennel Herbal Tea


Fennel Tea 
Natural Herbal Health Teabags 

Fennel is herbaceous and aromatic plant from family umbelliferae, which its height might reach two meters. Homeland of the fennel is the Mediterranean and Near East. Fennel has a unique smell. 

Fennel is appetizing. It relaxes the body. Reduces the stomach and intestinal complaints and gases. 

With this effect, especially infants with gas pains and diarrhea are made to drink fennel in the form of tea, it helps both regaining the fluids lost and eases the pains. 

With its diuretic properties, fennel relieves urinary difficulty. It is an expectorant.  It is good for the eyes. 

It could help to increase the breast milk, and relaxing the people during menstrual periods. Fennel could also be used for disorders of the digestive system and the respiratory system. 

Package  : 20 teabags
Carton     : 12 packs (each pack having 20 teabags)

Product Code:   M00463

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