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EZN St. John's Wort Oil 20 ml 


St. John's Wort Oil  

Hypericum Perforatum Extract

Hypericin / Hypericum

Anti Depression / Mood Enhancer

Anti Anxiety  

Usage : It is recommended to use by inhalation or adding in seeds (fixed) oils by massage on the skin. 

We may list Centaurium spicatum, Chile Centaury; Centaurium chillenese, Mexican Centaury; Centaurium mexicana and Hungarian Centaury; Centaurium Littorale for Centaury growing in Middle East. Centum means 100, Aurum means gold, namely hundred gold in Latin. 

In the past, a bag of it was paid 100 gold and called as thousand gold (thousand gold herb) in time. St. Johns Wort oil is obtained from St.John’s Wort which is a herbal oil used safely since the middle ages by method of distillation. 

According to the researches, St.John’s Wort herb contains many active substances and the most important ones are hypericin, flavonoids, tannins , resin and prosiyanidins. 

In the studies related to St. John’s Wort ; positive improvements were seen in some symptoms such as anxiety, abulia, apathy, excess sleep, insomnia, depression. 

It is stated in scientific studies that it is efficient in Anti-stress and anti-depression. 

It was accepted by World Health Organization (WHO) and Commission E (Commission of Germany Ministry of Health which is responsible for preparation and registration of herbal preparations) that it helps in treatment of 1st-2nd degree and sunburns, myalgia and soft tissue rheumatism, obtuse trauma and wounds when it is applied by adding fixed oils externally (on the skin).  

Package  : 20 ml glass bottle

Carton     : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01669

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