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EZN Pine Turpentine Oil 50 ml


Pine Turpentine Oil / Pine Oil

Oleum Terebinthinae 
Natural Herbal Oil


Usage: Externally, it is applied by making massage to hair bottoms or adding 15-20 drops in shampoo (200 ml.) 

Pine Turpentine Oil is obtained by distilling pine-tree resin, by using vapor distillation method. 

When oil of Pine Turpentine reaches to hair skin, it supports blood flow in capillary vessels in hair skin. 

In addition, it helps in protecting natural oil balance, thus in preventing hair loss and scurf (dandruff). 

It prevents microbial developments likely to occur in hair bottoms due to antimicrobial affect, shows positive affects in preventing hair broken off and hair loss. 

turpentine oil.


Package              :  50 ml glass bottle with Dropper

Carton                 :   12 bottles

Product Code:   M01659

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