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EZN Olive Oil 50 ml


Olive Oil


It may be applied through massaging over the skin and hair roots externally. 

As internally, it may be used 1-3 times daily by dropping 3-4 drops into a cup of water. 

However the olive tree is a delicate tree, 3000 years-old olive trees may also be seen, which has 300-400 years of average life span. 

Just because of this it is known and called as deathless tree in mythology and botany. 

It is skimmed of by means of cold pressing method, which is the traditional production technique. 

The reason for preferring cold pressing method is not using any chemical during this process.  

Olive oil includes oleic acid glycerides at the rate of 75%. It is very rich regarding A and E vitamins and involves very little amount of phytosterol substance in its structure. 

When olive oil is taken at amount of 1-2 tablespoon in morning hours on an empty stomach, it affects as softening and calmative. 

It especially has the peristaltic (bowel movemenets) regulating and biligenic effects (discharging of bile). 

It is commonly preferred during hair and skin care. 

It has high and very effective capacity of softening and moisturizing. It supports removing the skin wrinkles. 

It feeds, moisturizes and softens the skin. It obstructs the formation of dandruff and shines the hairs.   

It is thought that the reason for seeing cardiovascular disease seldom among the Mediterranean people is olive oil, which is endemic today. 

It may be used against gastrointestinal disorders, such as constipation.


Package    :  50 ml glass bottle with dropper

Carton       :  6 bottles


Product Code:   M01672

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