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EZN Juniper Oil 20 ml


Juniper Oil 

Oleum Juniperus Communis


Usage: It is recommended to use by inhalation or adding in seeds (fixed) oils by massage on the skin. 

It is Juniperus communis in Latin, found in Northern Hemisphere widespread. It is a small tree in the style of bush and grown in Thrace region in our country. 

Its fruits bluish black, are used as diuretic. Its composition contains essence, sugar and resinoid substances, According to researches, Juniper oil is used for illnesses especially including urinary tract infections, diabetes, bile failure and edema. 

According to Monography notification of the Commission E’nin dated 05/12/1984 and 228 numbered, it is firstly used against digestive problems.

 In Aroma treatment; juniper oil is used against interim tissue dermatitides, bladder diseases, urinary tract and kidney stones, nephritis, rheumatism and joint disorders. Pregnants are not recommended to take it orally.




Package     : 20 ml glass bottle

Carton         : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M01711

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