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EZN Jojoba Oil 20 ml


Jojoba Oil

Oleum Simmondsia Chinensis  


Usage: Externally , it may be applied to the skin by making massage. 

Jojoba Oil is obtained by cold pressing of jojoba fruits. Jojoba oil consists of fatty acid and esters, is rich in unsaturated fatty acids. 

It moistens the skin thanks to its intensive viscosity. It renews the skin which irritated due to shave, provides anew moisture balance to the skin. 

It is a herbal supportive on skin problems for smokers and recovering skin wrinkles. It is antiallergic. It is also advised as base oil in preventing cracks after childbirth.  


Jojoba Oil



Package    : 20 ml glass bottle with Dropper 

Carton       : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01674

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