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EZN Jasmine Oil 20 ml


Jasmine Oil



Usage: It is recommended to use by inhalation (way of steam externally) or adding in seeds (fixed) oils by massage on the skin. 

It is called Jasminum Grandiflorum in Latin and an odorous, white flowered, climbing plant growing in Southeast Asia and Mediterranean climate. 

It is grown around Alanya in our country. A kilogram jasmine oil is obtained from eight million jasmine flowers. Its oil is obtained by method of distillation. Jasmine oil is a substance which is used in perfumery industry due to its nice odor. 

It is a substance which provides muscle relaxation, decreasing stress and providing mental enthusiasm in cases of mental problems. It is used in all spiritual cases, stress, tiredness, excessive sensitivity, absent-mindedness as aromatic oil. 

It is efficient in perspiration and spiritual complaints due to menopause. It is helpful in all aches and cramps in stomach. Jasmine aromatic oil is used in the form of massage, bath, steam, mush and compress. 

A better result is obtained if jasmine oil is used by mixing with other oils for massage on the body, it has a perfect relaxing effect for skin. It is recommended to be used for dry skins and sensitive skins. 



Package    : 20 ml glass bottle

Carton       : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01716

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