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EZN Fennel Oil 20 ml


Fennel Seed Oil 
Natural Herbal Essential Oil 
for Skin Care  

Usage: It is recommended to use by inhalation (way of steam externally) or adding in seeds (fixed) oils by massage on the skin. 

It is called Foeniculum Vulgare in Latin. It is a cultivated plant grown in Aegean and Mediterranean Region. Leave parts are in the form of fiber and flowers are yellow. 

Fennel oil contains a substance which is called anethole. Fennel contains 2-6 % etheric oil,12-18 % oil, 4-5 % sugar, 20 % protein in its flower. Other organs of the herb contain coffee, cinnamon, anis, benzoic acids, vanillin.  

Its oil is produced by method of distillation. According to monograph notification of Commission E dated 19.04.1991 and numbered 74: It is used especially against digestive troubles; stomach and intestinal diseases with slight cramps, obliteration and distension and air passage colds. 

In public, when it is given to babies as tea with gas pain and diarrhea, it helps to regain the liquid lost and also decreases pains. 

Its oil contains a substance which is called trans-anethole and affects estrogen hormone in women, therefore it is not to be used by pregnant women. It is externally used by adding to fixed oils (on the skin) or by way of steam externally. 

Package : 20 ml glass bottle 
Carton    : 12 units

Product Code:   M01714

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