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EZN Eucalyptus Oil 20 ml


Eucalyptus Oil



Usage: Externally, it may be applied by way of vapour or by adding to nonvolatile oils by making massage to the skin. 

Eucalyptus Volatile Oil is obtained by vapor distillation of eucalyptus leaves and shoots. 

It mostly includes cineol, camphene, pinene and terpineol active substances. It is a strong antiseptic. 

It eliminates virus and bacteria in environment in use of aromatherapy lamps with this feature, it sterilizes ambient air. 

It may be used as supportive of treatment in throat inflammation, sinusitis and bronchitis by the way of inhalation. 

It may be used as a herbal supportive of treatment in infections on the skin, acne and dandruff  thanks to its antiseptic feature.  

eucalyptus oil.


Package : 20 ml glass bottle
Carton    : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01676

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