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EZN Coconut Oil 20 ml


Coconut Oil

Oleum Cocos Nucifera 

Usage: Externally , it may be applied to the skin by making massage. 

Coconut oil is obtained by cold pressing of dried coconut fruits. 

Coconut oil which is produced in Philippines is processed in coconut oil plants and used in meals. 

Furthermore, it is used in hair shaping and feeding in India and Srilanka regions. 

Coconut oil is known as used in supportive of treatment in inflammation cases, it may be used as supportive of treatment against arthralgia and myalgia, rheumatism thanks to this feature. 

It also may help in decreasing physical fatigue and support relaxation.  


Package  : 20 ml glass bottle

Carton     :  12 bottles

Product Code:   M01685

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