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EZN Cocoa Oil 50 ml


Cocoa Oil 

Oleum Theobroma Cacao
Natural Herbal Volatile Oil 


Usage: Externally , it is used by mixing with non-volatile oils for making massage to skin. 

Cacao oil is obtained by extracting cacao seeds by using method of liquid distillation. Cacao oil includes much amount of unsaturated fatty acids. Cacao oil has a feature to moisten the skin. It removes cracks and peelings occurring at lips and skin. 

The most known main feature of cacao is providing a healthy suntan in case of application to the skin prior to sunbath. 

A mixture is provided to cause a healthy sunbath with high protection factor thanks to mixtures to be made with especially sesame oil. 

In this way, a healthy suntan is obtained by being protected from adverse affects of sea salt, wind and sun.  

Package  : 50 ml glass bottle

Carton     : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01661

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