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EZN Apricot Kernel Oil 20 ml


Apricot Kernel Oil 

Usage: Externally, it is applied to the skin by making massage.

Apricot Kernel oil is obtained by cold pressing of apricot seeds. 

It is rich in oleic (omega-3) and linoleic (omega 6) fatty acids. Apricot seed oil is contained in many cosmetics products for dry and aged skins and moistening eye frames.  

Apricot seed oil was used for stopping development of tumor in the history. 

It was applied in tumor and ulcer treatment in England in 1600s, applied in cases such as hemorrhoid, ear ache by Arabian doctors.  

It is one of the most significant carrier oils in Aromatherapy.  



Package : 20 ml glass bottle with dropper

Carton    : 12 bottles

Product Code:   M01663

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