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Clove Oil


Clove Oil 



Usage: It is recommended to use by inhalation or adding in seeds (fixed) oils by massage on the skin. 

Clove Oil is a type of myrtus family, grown in regions with tropical climate. Clove oil is obtained from clove buds by using distillation. 

Its composition contains hirocarbure, Eugenol, Salicik Acide, karyofilin. Monography notification of Commission E numbered 223 and dated 30.11.1995 declared that clove or clove oil may be used against in-mouth and pharyngitis and as lenitive for toothaches. 

It is used in Aroma treatment externally; against mouth, pharyngitis, gum inflammation, bronchitis, toothache,headache, bad breath and distention, nausea and stomach aches.       

Package : 30 ml glass bottle

Carton    :   6 bottles

Product Code:   M02513

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