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Chamomile Tea 
20 Teabags 
Natural Herbal Health Tea  

Chamomile Tea  

From Asteraceae family, chamomile has many varieties; the most important of them is Matricaria recutita, in other words German chamomile. 

Chamomile is kind of a plant that has an antibacterial effect, and could help the wounds to heal faster. 

It is especially preferred in the treatment of ulcerative colitis and gastritis, to eliminate gastric contractions and intestinal complaints. 

It might also be favored for complaints such as insomnia, stress, and anxiety. 

Chamomile tea could be consumed against stomatitis and laryngitis, as well as relieving the digestive system. 

Package  : 20 teabags

Carton     : 12 packs (each pack having 20 teabags)  

Product Code:   M00357

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