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Carrot Seed Oil


Carrot Seed Oil

Oleum Daucus Carota


Usage: Externally, it may be applied to the skin by making massage. 

Carrot Seed Oil is obtained by cold pressing of carrot seeds. Carrot seed oil includes mostly Beta-Carotene, B, C,D, E vitamins, especially A vitamin. 

It is used by making massage to the skin externally and since it helps renewing skin cells thanks to composites in it, it may be used as herbal supportive in treatment of wounds. 

It assists in tightening the skin tissue, so it may be used on those who have  cellulite problems. 

It helps in increasing skin resistance. It may support dry and allergic skins with recovery of health. 

Besides, since it helps in protecting the skin against sun lights, an ideal sunblock oil may be obtained with cacao oil.   

Package : 30 ml glass bottle with dropper

Carton    : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M02508

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