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BSR Herbal Mixture with Honey Hemorrhoid


BSR Paste 
Honey Herbs Spices Mix

for Herbal Hemorrhoids Treatment 


Honey (89,4), Terminalia sp., Nigella sativa, Peganum harmala , Sambucus nigra , Capsella bursa pastoris , Pollen, Aesculus hippocastanum, Propolis, Achillea millefolium  

As a result of unhealthy diet and constant constipation, increasing pressure due to poor blood circulation around rectal area causes formation of hemorrhoids.  

The “tannin” agent which is actively contained in BSR Paste might help to tighten the elasticity of rectal area. In order to make a contribution to elimination of such a complaint, fructus myrobalani nigri and fructus myroba, black cumin, harmal seed, elderflower, shepherd's pouch, pollen, horse chestnut, propolis, and milfoil plants are blended with honey and made ready for use.  

Package : 230 gr glass jars
Carton    : 12 glass jars 

Product Code:   M00035

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