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Blue Anemone Flower Oil


 Blue Anemone Oil 


Usage: It is applied externally 2 times a day in the morning and night following the cleaning of skin and before the skin care creams. 

Because it is a intensive/condense skin care product applying little amount of it will be enough (5-6 drops). It is not used internally. Usage of it at around eye contour is not advised. 

Blue Anemone flower oil is obtained through the method of distillation. It is obtained from the flower leaves and essential oil existing at the flower nectar at the center of these flowers. 

There are 103 different active substances in Blue Anemone flower including linalool and fenil-ethanol, which have the characteristics of being volatile. 

In addition to these, all flowering plants in the Ranunculaceae family are fragrant/scented. 

The reason for this odor is the substances existing in the natural structure of the plant, which has the characteristics of being volatile. 

Blue Anemone oil is effective at decreasing the wrinkles appearing on our skin because of  passing years and removing the signs of old age.  

Becauseof this, it may assist to decrease the thin lines and deep wrinkles appeared on the face and neck and provide the skin to be seen smooth and clear. 

It contributes to removing the loss of elasticity of the skin and provides the skin to have again a young and full appearance and moisturizes the dried skin deeply.    

In addition to these, skin blemishes, which are the reflections of detrimental effects of the sun, the acne and pimple scars, which are  the bad signs of youth, the blemishes appearing in parallel with aging affects, the blemishes appearing following the birth are the most common skin problems. 

Blue Anemone flower oil may provide great benefits for removing skin blemishes and protecting your skin.  

Blue Anemone flower can be found in Izmir, Aydin and Antalya regions naturally and it was begun to be grown for the industrial purposes.  

Blue Anemone 1.


Package : 30 ml glass bottle
Carton    : 6 bottles

Product Code:   M02504

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