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BERKAP Capsule


BERKAP Dietary Supplement

Containing Yarrow

for Hemorrhoid Treatment


Ingredients of Dietary Supplement Contains Yarrow (For 2 capsules)

Black fructus myrobalani fruit(230mg), Peganum seed(150mg), Senna leaf(140mg),  Elder flower(140mg),  Black cumin seed(140mg),  Shepherd's purse herb(104mg),  Yarrow herb(100mg),  Bee pollen(70mg), Horse-Chestnut seed(34mg),  Propolis extract(12mg),  Vegetable capsules(Carrier-Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose 240mg)


Recommended to take 2 times daily by 1 capsule before the meal times for adults.


Store away from heat, light and moisture. Keep out of reach of children.


680 mg x 60 capsules

6 bottles in one carton

40.8 ge


Hemorrhoids Solution of Alternative Medicine 


Hemorrhoid that is one of diseases which mostly makes trouble of people for ages, occurs because of increasing pressure due to dirty blood flow around rectum area. 

The mixture of traditional experience and herbs that are recommended by modern medicine is submitted to your service in this product. 

It includes Black myrobalan, black sesame, senna, Harmel , elder flower, shepherd's purse, Pollen, horse-chestnut, Propolis, yarrow herb and lathyrus; it will relieve your complaints. 

Suggested Use : It is recommended to take twice daily by 1 capsule each time before breakfasts and dinners for adults.

Package     : 680 mg x 60 capsules= 40.8 ge
Carton        : 6 bottles in one carton

Product Code:   M00093

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