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Aromatic Rosemary Water


Rosemary Water 
Natural Floral Health Drink

Natural Herbal Floral Aromatic Health Drink

Rosemary named in Latin as “Rosmarinus Officinalis” which means “the dewiness of sea” is a plant easily grown up and healing to many illnesses.

Rosemary plant is a pale blue blooming through spring and summer, 1- 2 m height and evergreen during winter and the body is perpendicular with multi branches. 

Its leaves and flowers are picked and dried in open air. these leaves and flowers, essential oil, tannin, spicy substances, organic acids and glycoside are obtained. 

Rosemary is a Mediterranean climate plant and in Turkey, generally grown up in Marmara , Aegean and Mediterranean Regions.

Usage areas : 

Besides becoming directly drinkable, Aromatic Rosemary Water can be used in meaty and vegetable foods, soups, sauce and salads to increase the flavor and taste. It can also be used in the products of confectionery, ice cream and pastry (in tart and cakes). Moreover it can be added to tea, coffee, water, fruit juice, and also herbal and fruit-flovoured beverages.

The benefits of Rosemary

• Being useful for digestion, Rosemary stimulates the stomach and intestines and makes easier the digestion. Especially relieves stomach by providing a facilitating effect on digestion after stodges (heavy and fatty dishes).  

• It has an increasing effect for bile juice, diuretic and gas expectorant. In addition, it is useful as stimulatory and relaxant for uterine cramps durin menstruation period. 

• Lessens the rheumatism and articular pains as well as relieving migraine aches and removes palpitation. 

• In its phytochemical composition, because of “Carnosol” and antioxidant structure have effects of anticancer and antitumor. It supports to decrease the breast cancer risk for women. 

• It can be used for oral rinse (gargle) because of its antibacterial and antiseptic features. 

• Since it is rich in iron, increases the oxygen carrying capability of blood and as a result, stimulating the blood circulation, may prevent atherosclerosis and memory loss. 

• It is effective for struggling against fatigue, depression and exhaustion. 

• It is effective for struggling against free radicals, bacteria, fungus and inflammation. 

• It strengthens hearth and help clean liver by detoxifying  

• It may assist to prevent forming of cataracts and also may help a better seeing. 

• Provides anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics with caffeic acid and rosemarinic acid in its composition, and therefore contributes to caring the asthma, bronchitis, heart and liver diseases. 

• Assists weight loss in regular usage.

Phytochemicals of Rosemary :  

Alpha-pinene , apigenin , beta-carotene, beta-sitosterol , borneol , caffeic acid , camphor , carnosol , carvacrol , caryophyllene , chlorogenic acid , geraniol , limonene , linalool , luteolin , oleanolic acid , rosmanol , rosmarinic acid , tannin , thymol , ursolic acid.  

Nutrients : Calcium , iron , magnesium , manganese , phosphorus , potassium , zinc , vitamins B1 , B3 and C. 

How to use : 

  • For adults, Aksuvital Aromatic Rosemary Water is directly drinkable or optionally diluted by water at a rate 1/2 to 1/3. The usage is three times in a day, before or after the meals.
  • Caution: While expecting and active lactation it should not be used.

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Packing : 500 ml. in glassy bottles with outer boxes x 12

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