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Argan Oil


Morrocan Argan Oil

Retail Dropper Bottle

Usage: Applied to the hair roots by massage, contributes to hair and hair root nutrition. 

Hair As externally, it may be applied through massaging over skin.  With its vitamin E ingredient, it may be used by massaging on the skin for the purpose of moisturizing the dry skins and giving flexibility, removing the wrinkles and chaps. It is not used internally.    

Argan oil is obtained through the method of Super Critical System (SCS). 

Argan oil is one of the most seldom found oils of the world and it is obtained through cold pressing of fruit seeds of an endemic tree, which grows at the coastal regions of Morocco where Mediterranean climate is seen.  

Because of its agricultural productivity is low and its growing is slow, it is very expensive. It has a very rich ingredient regarding mineral and vitamins.   

Argan oil is released to the market both as raw and roasted. The roasted argan oil is usually used in dishes for the purpose of food. 

But because its price is very expensive, it is not so much preferred in the kitchens. For this reason, raw argan oil are commonly used in cosmetics.    

Argan oil includes high level of tocopherol (E vitamin) and Carotene, which is a form of vitamin A.  

These two ingredients are critical for a healthy skin and argan oil shows the characteristics of being absorbed and reacting very easily when it is massaged over the skin. 

When it is used for one month of period continuously, it will nourish and support the skin by means of vitamins and it will be seen that it would be effective over removing the wrinkles, scars, birth and lip chaps existing on the skin. 

Because vitamin E is an important antioxidant, argan oil is capable of postponing the formation of wrinkles and signs of old age over the skin and removing the harmful free radicals from the body.       

Besides, argan oil moisturizes, feeds and strengthens the dry and brittle hairs by means of its rich ingredient of mineral and vitamin. 

It may also show the characteristics of feeding brittle nails.  is washed 3 hours after the massage. Shall be applied 2-3 times a week at minimum.  

Package     : 30 ml glass bottle with dropper

Carton        :   6  bottles

Product Code:   M02504

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