Aksu Vital Natural Products and Cosmetics

AKS Vital Perga Bee Bread 115 g

AKS Paste with Styrax Extract for Kids 300 g

AKS Curcumin & Coconut Paste

Ginseng Extract Added Honey

Ginger Extract Added Honey Paste

Honey Bitter Melon Extract Paste

AKS Organic Royal Jelly

AKS Vital Royal Jelly A(Normal) 20 g

AKS Pollen P 100 g

AKS Vital Ginseng N(13.000MG) 220 g

AKS Vital Propolis N(8.000MG) 220 g

AKS Vital Baby B(7.000MG) 220G

AKS Vital Super S(18.000MG) 220 g

PRS Herbal Paste for Prostate

Power Paste for Men and Women

AKS Honey Bitter Melon Paste 230 g

CAL Honey Herbs Spices Mixture

BSR Herbal Mixture with Honey Hemorrhoid

Honey Herbs Paste with Bitter Melon

Honey Herbs Paste with Ginger

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